Mobile Development

Our Mobile Development Platform provides an interface that works with your mobile application to offer mobile payments and gifting functionality.

Mobile Development Platform via Enterprise API

  • Access to the largest portfolio of digital prepaid products
  • Real-time stored value transactions (reload, balance inquiry, transaction history)
  • Creation of user accounts and association to stored value account/card
  • Card presentation best practices to ensure that cards are properly displayed to meet merchant guidelines
  • An administrative area to manage your entire program
  • Tracking, reporting and monitoring of all aspects of gift card transactions
  • Validity of concept prior to getting started with development

The Enterprise API uses modern web service standards, including REST with JSON or XML, and OData.  The Enterprise API protocols are familiar to developers, enabling easy implementation.  

If you wish to build a product to issue digital gift cards for a specific brand or for multiple brands, please fill out the Mobile Developer Form.