eGift Card Promotions

InComm Digital Solutions sets up trackable and cost-effective digital gift card promotions, providing lasting engagement with your customers. Our promotional solutions make it easy to take gifting to a whole new level!

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eGift Blast

Upload your customer email distribution list and automatically send a free promotional gift card. Because it's a promotional card, you can set special terms and conditions for use and you don't need a connection to a payment gateway (just a gift card processor). Perfect for thanking regular customers for their business, or enticing lapsed customers to visit your retail location or website again.

Buy One, Get One (BOGO)

Set up a campaign that provides a free promotional (Get One) gift card with every purchased (Buy One) gift card. Delivery of both cards is automatic - no employee time needed to fulfill orders! Perfect for customers who like to get a little something for themselves when they give to others.

Instant Incentives

Set up a campaign that offers a discounted gift card purchase. The discount is automatically shown in the customer's shopping cart, and you can track advertising channels by using promotional codes. Unlike coupons, gift cards have a higher perceived customer value.

Single Gift Cards

Issue individual gift cards to your customers using our online administrative tool. Perfect for "fish bowl" winners, customer birthdays or even customer service recovery situations.