Mobile Solutions

Our Mobile Solutions allow you to add digital gift cards to your mobile business applications.

Mobile Premium Turnkey Solution

Our Mobile Premium Turnkey solution is a mobile-optimized shopping cart that enables consumers to purchase digital and physical gift cards from a mobile device.

Add Digital Gifts to Your Mobile Business Apps

Building your own mobile app, wallet, or m-commerce shopping cart? Add digital gift cards to your mobile applications with our Digital Enterprise API.

This single connection provides:

  • Access to the largest portfolio of digital prepaid products
  • Real-time stored value transactions (reload, balance inquiry, transaction history)
  • Creation of user accounts and association to stored value account/card
  • Card presentation best practices to ensure that cards are properly displayed to meet merchant guidelines
  • An administrative area to manage your entire program
  • Tracking, reporting and monitoring of all aspects of gift card transactions
  • Validity of concept prior to getting started with development