Channel Solutions

InComm Digital Solutions' card delivery and end-to-end management solution has become the clear-cut choice among incentive houses, loyalty houses, and resellers. Our solution specifically addresses the pain points of managing the distribution of gift cards experienced by the majority of our motivation partners.


Our Platform helps you manage your gift card delivery:
Simplify procurement
Through InComm Digital Solutions, our clients have access to the largest stored value catalog available in the marketplace with digital and physical formats via bulk and individual fulfillment.

Get connected via Enterprise API
The Enterprise API allows clients to easily communicate with the InComm Digital Solutions platform to deliver and track digital and physical stored value products. The Digital Solutions platform has connections with every major gift card processor in the U.S. and Canadian markets.
Standardize process flow
Consistent fulfillment for every brand with one solution, one admin area, and one approach to customer support.

Manage the details:

  • B2B specific card features (re-gifting, re-messaging)
  • Ability to support multiple programs for each partner at every level (emails, reporting, API)
  • Enterprise level customer service toolset with access to every brand in the offering
  • Tools to manage your own customer support or let us help
  • Tracks, reissues and confirms when cards are received by consumers
  • Reporting/search/analytics
  • User management and employee-use monitoring

Cut costs and add flexibility:

  • Eliminate inventory thanks to real-time activation
  • Ability to send cards of any denomination
  • Manage the ever-changing requirements of brand presentation and Terms and Conditions
  • Brand management ensures merchant acceptance

We connect to the merchant's gift card processing solution to guarantee the best consumer experience, add security and access inventory real time. We provide a robust administrative toolset for channel partners who are connected to the platform.


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