Online Gift Card Research

Check out these white papers and case studies to research online gift cards and digital gift card distribution.


February 24, 2014
Holiday Trends: Digital Delivery Maximizes eCommerce Gift Card Sales
InComm Digital Solutions

This white paper looks at data from the InComm Digital Solutions platform to understand consumer shopping trends around physical and digital gift cards during 2013. What we found for the third year in a row is both digital and physical gift cards are important to eCommerce sales. What was also apparent for the third year in a row is that digital gift cards can create additional sales opportunities when consumers are making last-minute purchases and don't have time to wait for a card to be shipped. Read the full white paper to learn more. 


February 24, 2014
Infographic: 2013 eCommerce Gift Card Shopping Stats
InComm Digital Solutions

This infographic summarizes content found in our "Holiday Trends: Digital Delivery Maximizes eGift Card Sales" white paper. Read the full white paper to learn more. 


January 24, 2014
Survey Report: InComm Research Proves Digital Gift Cards Rising in Popularity
InComm Digital Solutions

This report outlines the results of an online survey of 500 consumers about their habits, preferences, and intentions around purchasing physical and digital gift cards from online websites and mobile websites/apps. The research focuses on two areas: 1) the purchase of both physical and digital gift cards from online websites and mobile websites/apps and 2) the purchase of digital gift cards specifically.


August 8, 2012
Business Incentives Provider Transforms Reward Delivery
Global Prepaid Exchange

U.K. business incentives company Ovation Incentives partners with Giftango to deliver rapid incentives and rewards in the United States. Retailers, intermediaries and corporate clients began to see the value of digital gift delivery in terms of programme management savings that could be made.


April 24, 2012
A Case for Digital Gift Cards: eGift Cards Turn Slowest Gift Card Sales Days into Busiest for Retailers
Giftango Corporation

Giftango finds that eGift Cards turn slowest gift card sales days into busiest, after analyzing sales data from hundreds of retailers. eGift Cards allow consumers to purchase gift cards when they're most interested in buying, and provide them with a convenient last-minute gift solution. Additionally, eGift Cards produce gift card sales for retailers when physical shipments are no longer feasible.


March 15, 2011
Mobile Scanning Devices: The Value of Being Prepared
C2 Consulting Services, LLC.

The introduction of the iPhone a few years back sparked a firestorm of speculation about the future of the mobile marketplace and the glorious profits that would soon be pouring into retailers' coffers. That predicted future is closer than ever, and it's apparent that the way we use our phones will continue to change over the next five years.