InComm Digital Solutions is a leader in the delivery of digital stored value.

Our solutions are leveraged by hundreds of national, regional and local merchants and the largest loyalty, incentive and resell channel distribution players in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

We are uniquely positioned across the merchant, stored value, payments, mobile, and distribution landscapes to deliver industry leading technology. We build comprehensive solutions for merchants' channel partners that tie all aspects of eGift sales, distribution and management together.

We have filed multiple patents related to security, mobile delivery and the future of digital stored value. Our platform and the flexibility it provides is a noted point of differentiation. Here's how it works:



We partner and integrate with industry leaders in a variety of spaces to lay the foundation for the platform:


Gift Card Processors

We connect to every major gift card processor in the U.S. and Canadian markets. This connectivity allows us to deliver a digital version of a merchant's gift card that works at the merchant's point of sale, without any changes to their existing infrastructure or point of sale systems. The connections add a host of benefits to the card, here are just a few:

  • Consumer interaction with the stored value card (balance check, reload, re-gifting, etc.)
  • Added layers of security for the merchant
  • Reduction of plastic card inventory
  • Our Channel Partners benefit by tapping into a long list of merchant gift cards through one connection with InComm Digital Solutions

Merchant Solutions

We provide Turnkey and API solutions that help merchants sell more gift cards and manage the fulfillment and customer management related to those sales in an efficient manner.

Payment Gateways

These connections allow our clients to accept payment online, via mobile or through our administrative toolset, in a safe, secure and PCI compliant manner.

Channel Distribution Partners

Scores of leading loyalty, incentive, reward and resell companies, who between them purchase billions of dollars in gift cards annually, have connected to our platform. The connections allow the channel partner to quickly and easily add any participating brand into their program. Brands gain access to multiple distribution opportunities through one relationship with InComm Digital Solutions.

Physical Fulfillment

Connections with plastic card distribution houses allow merchants to track and manage ALL gift card fulfillment, digital and plastic, through our industry leading administrative toolset.

Email, SMS Text and Mobile Wallet

These partnerships allow us to quickly and securely deliver a digital version of a merchant's gift card in multiple formats while tracking and verifying the delivery.


We go far beyond gift cards. We deliver multiple types of stored value. Leveraging stored value solutions for the delivery of products, rebates, one-time use coupons, promotions and more. These varied stored value products can be distributed through a variety of channels.



The final piece of the puzzle is distribution. It's taking flexible, secure, consumer-friendly cards and getting them into the hands of your consumers. With digital delivery, the opportunities for distribution are vast. Our solution provides unique features and toolsets for B2B clients, marketing teams and gift card managers. 


Merchant Direct Distribution Solutions

Energize sales, promotions and interactions with your customers in a variety of ways with eGift Cards:

  • B2B Bulk - simplify the delivery of gift cards for your B2B partners
  • Social Media - sell cards and incent behavior with eGifts through social media
  • Mobile - drive sales, boost promotions or incentivize behavior through the device your customers never let out of their sight
  • Promotions - go far beyond coupons with eGift promotions
  • Online Solutions - sell cards and incent behavior by adding eGift Cards to your website
  • Channel Distribution - We power the distribution partners that are important to you. Drive incremental sales through resellers and incentive and loyalty houses.


We work with clients to identify opportunities, drive sales, improve customer satisfaction and solve problems. We are transforming the shopping experience through innovative commerce.