These FAQs are only relative to the InComm Digital's E-commerce Solutions. Please contact us for questions related to the InComm Digital API Software.

If you don't see the answer to your question, please contact us or call 1-877-443-8264.

What is InComm Digital's solution in a nutshell?

We provide both digital gift card delivery (sometimes called eGift cards, e-gift cards, or virtual gift cards) as well as an e-commerce shopping cart so you can sell your own gift cards through your website. Our team helps with setup and support so you can be up and selling in no time at all! Our solutions work with your current gift card program and generally require no changes at the point of sale. Take advantage of this new channel for gift card sales.

When an online sale is made, the recipient is notified via email and text message, or a post to their Facebook wall. They click on a secure link to view their eGift card (either on a web browser or a smartphone). When the recipient is ready to redeem the eGift card, they can print it or display it on their smartphone at the point of sale. The purchaser receives an email confirmation when the recipient has viewed their eGift card, and can also be notified via text message.

Why offer digital/eGift cards?

Digital gift card delivery is your customer's preferred method of receiving a gift card. Our clients see their customers select digital delivery more than 75% of the time. Here are some additional reasons to add digital delivery gift cards:

  • Digital delivery creates additional sales opportunities by providing an instant delivery option for last-minute gifting. See our Research Center for a white paper on this topic.
  • It is a more secure method of delivery because you do not need to ship a gift card and can easily void and/or reissue an eGift card
  • It reduces shipping and handling costs for your business
  • It saves you and your employees time
  • It works with your existing gift card or gift certificate program

How does our service work?

Card Purchase
Customers visit your website and securely purchase a gift card via a fully branded gift card shopping cart powered by InComm Digital Solutions. This shopping cart is configurable to support various purchasing options or gift card offerings including physical gift card fulfillment and special offers.

Billing & Shipping
Easily automate the billing process using a payment gateway such as PayPal Pro or The eGift card is automatically sent to the intended recipient on their requested delivery date as soon as billing is complete. The full purchase amount is deposited directly into your bank account when the gift card is delivered.

Redeeming Cards
When customers redeem the eGift card, your staff simply scans a barcode or hand keys the gift card number into your point of sale (POS) system. If customers are redeeming the eGift card online, they enter the gift card number into the appropriate field during the checkout process. The remainder of the redemption process and accounting works just like your plastic gift card redemption works today.

Our reporting suite serves to compliment the reporting capabilities of your plastic gift card program. See What is InComm Digital Back Office? for more information.

Do we have to change our current gift card program in any way?

No. We simply give you the power to sell plastic gift cards from your website, and the option to add digital gift card sales. See How does our service work? to learn more about how we interface with your existing gift card solutions.

Can InComm Digital Solutions provide me with a plastic gift card option too?

We partner and integrate with industry leading plastic gift card production and fulfillment companies. If you don't already have a plastic card printing or fulfillment provider, we would be happy to introduce you.

How much do your solutions cost?

Please call us at 1-877-443-8264 and we will be happy to learn more about your needs, discuss an appropriate solution and provide a quote.


Tell me more about the discounting/promotional capabilities?

Our e-commerce solutions also allow you to use digital gift cards for promotional purposes. For example, utilizing our Back Office administrative tool, you can sell your gift cards for a discount, run a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promotion or use your email list to send free promotional eGift cards to your customers to drive store traffic. Promotional campaigns can specify things like:

  • The dates the promotion will be valid
  • A minimum dollar amount your customer must spend to receive the promotion
  • A required "Promotional Code" your customer must enter to receive the promotion

By utilizing these features you are able to run targeted ads, holiday promotions or give your best customers a code word to get special discounts. This is just one of many ways that we help the success of your online sales!

Where do the payments for the gift cards go?

Our solution can immediately authenticate and process funds to your bank account when a purchase takes place. Talk to us about getting a qualified payment gateway from your merchant bank. Once the account is established, we can take your account information and set up the payment gateway on your behalf.

Is training necessary to use your solutions?

Accepting digital gift card at the POS requires little to no training. Instructions are listed on the digital card, the cashier simply scans or hand keys the gift card number into the POS. A brief training is provided to your gift card manager and those who log into the Back Office administrative tool to access reports or provide customer service.

What is InComm Digital Back Office??

InComm Digital Back Office is your administrative tool to do the following tasks:

  • Review recent or past sales transactions
  • Create reports and view monthly account summaries
  • Configure your user profile and manage users
  • Re-issue an eGift card (if a customer has deleted or lost it)
  • Setup a sales discounting promotion
  • Refund a transaction

Does InComm Digital Solutions sell terminals or supplies?

No, we provide e-commerce and promotional toolsets to enhance your gift card program.